What is Gloo and what does it do?

The new WordPress and Elementor environment

Gloo is at its core a collection of revolutionary features designed to open up the possibilities when .working with WordPress and Elementor

Elementor is up there as the best solution for code-free web design. This means that it aims to enable beginners and solopreneurs to build their own WordPress websites using a visual, intuitive, drag-and-drop section and widget-based approach.

This is closely matches WordPress' mission, which is centered on accessibility.

However, in practice, Elementor and WordPress have both become the most important tools used by actual web designers, both agencies and freelancers, to create professional websites as a service.

With these new prospects come new challenges and needs.

Gloo's solution to the growing challenges.

Gloo is a new plugin that aims to improve the way WordPress and Elementor work together, along with many other famous 3rd party plugins such as WooCommerce, BuddyBoss, and more.

The project started with the observation that, although Elementor has been constantly improving, there are still some areas where it falls short when meeting the needs of its ever-growing user base.

Today, Gloo makes possible what was previously impossible without tailored development. A step ever-closer to true code-free web design, allowing designers to use their expertise in what they’re already familiar with to do more with less.

Gloo's structure and main features.

Gloo is organized in segments that further break down in modules.

Fluid Dynamic

Focusing on data flexibility with new and powerful dynamic tags, along with other features, that are completely exclusive both in their scope and their customizable return options: UL lists, OL lists, Array Length, Specific Array positions, on top of the classic delimiter-based output


The real centerpiece of Gloo, Interactor is a one-of-a-kind Engine to generate custom jQuery triggers and events. It also features variables and connectors such as the DataLayer Connector, and Zapier Connector, and allows for Custom Webhooks to set your own connections and automation.

Power Gloo

Completely focused on making frontend design flow more smoothly thanks to plenty of extensions and new widgets.

SuperGloo Addons

SuperGloo is all about further integrating your favorite 3rd party plugins with WordPress and Elementor. This goes for WooCommerce, BuddyBoss, BuddyPress, Dokan, LearnDash, and much more. SuperGloo Addons is also home to Forms Extensions+, a new way to work with Elementor forms.

Check them all out at www.gloo.ooo

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